New AI smarts in Azure Event Grid (8/05/2018)

Microsoft has been putting a lot of emphasis on artificial intelligence and edge computing recently. To a large degree, that means bringing many of the existing Azure services to machines… Read more »

Azure Storage metrics in Azure Monitor (4/05/2018)

With metrics on Azure Storage, you can analyze usage trends, trace requests, and diagnose issues with your storage account. Azure Monitor provides unified user interfaces for monitoring across different Azure… Read more »

Microsoft reveals a new-look Outlook (2/05/2018)

Microsoft introduced an Outlook update, which focuses on smarter features meant to help you save time. Some of the features highlight Outlook’s usefulness in the workplace – like new meeting room… Read more »

Office changes are coming your way (15/03/2018)

 After promising faster performance, new ‘smart inbox’ features, and enhanced emoji and GIF support, Microsoft announced in a blog post that both Calendar and People will receive new beta experiences while the… Read more »