If you are ready to start thinking about how you can rapidly change in the way you do your business we can offer you a complete set of services to help you change the way you do business with assistance of best in class solutions.

Our services will unlock the human, material and financial potential currently locked in the old way of doing business.

Today might still not look as if though change needs to be made but this is exactly the right moment to start planning for change.

New technologies are making it easier for new companies to build empires and take out the old companies that are not ready to change. Faster time to market, improved teamwork, efficiency and productivity increase are all direct results of new technologies.

Our job is not to sell you some technology, our job is to make your business run better. Miadria consultants will be on site in your company for the entire project and will work with your managers and employees to help your company change for the better.

Services can be divided as follows:

1. Business assessment

Our services start with assessment of your needs and areas where you want to see improvement and  change. Those can range from simple wish to introduce social business or collaboration to your operations, need to introduce mobile work while being constrained by strict security policies or more business oriented needs to reorganize departments, optimize number of employees needed to work in a specific area.

Whatever your short or long term goals are we can help you to discover the best way in which you will be able to achieve that change.

In order to produce the best road map that will be the best estimate of the we will be need your cooperation with access to existing procedures and other documentation covering business processes that are critical to the change. From the start of the project our consultants will occupy the on-site war room and be available to management for quick consultations.

You also might want to form a Steering Committee and include top management so that they can steer the project as it goes. We welcome this approach and are ready to dedicate time to adapt as often as you want.

2. Introduce innovation

In order to make a change you will most probably need to introduce new technologies that will be the basis for the change and will introduce innovation as a new concept . Innovation will be introduced through implementation of cloud technologies in our portfolio and as a result employees and managers will start working in a different manner than before.

To ease their transition we will provide change management services that will help them adapt with as little effort as possible but we will also put strong emphasis on change. Technical deployment and development will also be performed from our side and it will ensure that there is not disruption to daily routine.

3. Monitor change

Innovation will be welcomed from some and hated from others. This is why we will closely monitor how introduction of innovation is changing the workplace and business routine.

We do it using many tools, some include technical monitoring of application usage and some feedback surveys that supply us with more information from parties involved.

There are also other methods at our disposal and the end goal is to control the change in order to achieve your goals.

After a period of monitoring we will issue a Letter to the Management containing our findings and listing the problems that we found which can jeopardize our projects but also risk factors for your business overall.

Once this Letter to the Management is commented on by applicable line managers we will finalize our findings and give recommendation to top management for the future actions.

4. Transformation

Introducing the needed change will be completed in the transformation phase where we will either propose a new organization structure, change in business processes or new business procedures.

Transformation can take many forms and we will guide your company through this change so that the end result matches your expectations.

5. Continuous innovation

Even though one project is over we are certain that your company will always need to change and innovate thus harvesting business benefits that are unlocked with change in technologies. This is why we will offer you continuous innovation service that will include technological support as well as business consultancy support to help you react to the change on time and be ahead of your competition.

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