Satmetrix - Customer Experience ManagementSatmetrix NPX: where technology, expertise and data collide to deliver customer experience management (CEM) success.

Miadria brings our clients Satmetrix, the leading global provider of cloud-based solutions for managing and improving overall customer experience, to drive your customer satisfaction, promote customer loyalty, and increase word of mouth.

As co-creator of the Net Promoter® methodology, Satmetrix combines unrivaled NPS expertise with a powerful, yet cost-effective SaaS-based software solution to provide continuous, actionable, 360-degree customer insights. Leading organizations of all sizes and across multiple industries use Satmetrix solutions to drive customer retention, improve customer affinity and maximize positive word-of-mouth to deliver overall improvements in customer lifetime value. With more than 1,000 deployments in 40+ languages, Satmetrix provides a holistic view of the customer experience and the necessary expertise to help accelerate customer experience program success.

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