Why is it important to have replication of your data in the Cloud?

Because conventional DR sites have serious issues!

  • High cost
  • Low ROI
  • Implemented only for most critical systems
  • Scaled down to 50% of production
  • Costly software licenses based on hardware usage
  • Challenging compliance, locality distribution

Contrary the public cloud offers:

  • Fast Performance ‒ fast disk-based storage and retrieval of files.
  • No Tape ‒ eliminate costs associated with transporting, storing, and retrieving tape media and associated tape backup software.
  • Compliance ‒ fast retrieval of files allows you to avoid fines
  • Elasticity ‒ add any amount of data, quickly. Easily expire and delete without handling media.
  • Security ‒ secure and durable cloud disaster recovery platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits.

Quickly recover from a disaster and ensure business continuity of your applications while keeping your costs down.

Prevent a negative impact on your business continuity or finances – hardware or software failure, a network outage, a power outage, physical damage…

Depending on your RTO and RPO you can choose the right approach that fits your budget – it could be as minimum as backup and restore from the cloud or full-scale multi-site solution deployed in onsite and cloud with data replication and mirroring.

Choice of one or more public clouds for true business continuity: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud.

Contact Miadria and let’s explore options for your backup and disaster recovery needs.

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