One of the most important elements when you are moving to the cloud services is to work with experts that understand where you are coming from, what your concerns are and what are your unique needs that will need to be met.

Miadria consultants can help you to address all your needs, build a custom solution that will completely meet your requirements and help you migrate to the cloud services in a way that will be as gradual and as custom as you need.

We do not believe that cloud is something that brings a revolution, it is an evolution and using new services must add to your business processes and efficiency and help you to concentrate on high quality tasks.

We know that systems you are currently using which are sometimes called legacy with plenty of disdain and contempt are in fact systems you spent lot of money and time building and that you are currently making money using those systems.

You depend on the ability of the cloud broker to help you replace one carefully built system with another. You do not need to be lectured on why new systems are so much better because you already know that new technology will bring you improvements but you need to work with somebody that will make this transition in a way that will be painless while respecting the value and know how you have built into developing your current systems.

Miadria has methodology and knowledge of technology that will help with this transition and we also have understanding of business and business processes that will make this transition seamless.

Methodology differs with size and demands of the companies but generally we always follow the path of first trying the services within the small group of users in IT while we learn about your current systems and determine best path for the next phase of early adopters. Early adopters are people that will be using services first and need to be carefully chosen. Go live phase will include all other employees.

From the technical standpoint, depending on the services and technology you are implementing we will develop scripts, applications, implement various custom tools to help with migrating and setting in place new solution while taking care that old systems are connected to new services.

In all of that there is also a human factor, and this is where change management comes in.

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