ProductivityProductivity is the backbone of every organization and every person’s work life. However, productivity is also everyone’s pain point: businesses have a continuing challenge in creating productive business processes and employees struggle to use technology that was originally intended to improve productivity. Furthermore, today’s workers are completing tasks outside of office or outside of work hours which tremendously adds to complexity.

These inefficient business processes and inadequate productivity tools result in:

  • Too many emails, paperwork, phone calls and in-person meetings
  • Employees completely excluded from digital business processes
  • Bad or non-existent audio-video conferencing solution
  • Failure to effectively organize time
  • Time wasted on information gathering, creating and recreating, consolidating, sharing and approving
  • Lack of access to productivity tools from mobile and devices outside of corporate network

According to IDC and McKinsey Research and our own experience working internally and with clients, companies see 20-25% increase in productivity improvement after implementing modern productivity tools and digital processes.

  • Shadow IT – use of devices, software and services outside corporate ownership or control.
  • Security breaches and data leaks

Corporate IT on the other hand has a daunting task of keeping up with business requirements and assuring those systems are available and secure, frequently with very few resources.

Productivity is critical to business success and remaining competitive.

For unlocking that lost time and collaboration potential, Miadria provides you with:

  • Help in choosing and implementing the right solution for better productivity:
  • Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365

    Your office is now wherever you are.


    Use the cloud to enable your employees to be digitally integrated in your company and stay productive no matter what device they use or where they are.


    Google G Suite

    Google G Suite

    Google’s powerful productivity tools are now called G Suite.


    Familiar tools from home used with ease in business environment with powerful admin capabilities.


    IBM Verse & Connections

    IBM Connction Cloud & Verse

    Business e-mail service and social network.


    Prioritize. Feel empowered, engaged and fresh. Focus on what’s important. Do the high level tasks while IBM does everyday’s job for you.


  • Consulting to align and transform your business processes
  • Change management to train your employees on new tools and processes
  • Ongoing support


  • Reliable business class e-mail service with lots of storage
  • Anti-virus & Anti-spam protection
  • Instant messaging, audio and video conferencing
  • Corporate business calendars for time/resource planning
  • Working on documents on unified platform without worrying about compatibility and apps versions
  • Documents saving, sharing and managing
  • Collaboration and teamwork in documents in real-time
  • Intranet and team/project portals
  • Corporate social network
  • Corporate search for quick and accurate information gathering
  • Work from anywhere, anytime from any device
  • Mobile device management
Reliability, Security, Compliance
  • 99,9% availability SLA
  • Corporate data is safe and secure – certified for highest standards
  • Built-in controls for security, corporate data/device management and compliance (including EU GDPR!)
Easy of Use and Administration
  • Employees are focused on their work without worrying about installations, new versions and application updates
  • No need for local fileshare management and backup of user’s devices
  • Centralized apps/users management
  • Miadria manages your system and provides support (optional)
  • Ease of use with Miadria’s user training/education (optional)
Lower costs
  • By switching to Software-as-a-Service and OpEx model costs are reduced and easier to manage
  • Scalability enables you to pay for what you really use
  • Transparent and easy licensing policy assures compliance
Miadria services
  • We assess your business and recommend optimal solutions
  • We look at specific business processes and transform them
  • We manage the project to deliver success in 90 days or less thanks to our deployment methodology
  • We implement the new solutions and integrate them with your other systems
  • We provide change management to train your employees and successfully implement improved business processes
  • We work with you to comply with security, privacy & compliance requirements
  • We provide ongoing support

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