Is your company plagued with phishing attacks and various other email related problems and at the same time, since you might not be a technically savvy person you are not sure how you can help your company?  Well, we are preparing a service for all visitors logging in to that will give you a detailed report on your corporate... Read more »


Since we have launched the website, we are continuously working on interesting new features. One of the first features we will be implementing is a service that will offer... Read more »


In our new video, we give you a basic overview of how the new world compares to the old world regarding storage. You will find out how most popular cloud... Read more »


Great news from Google – now it is possible to login to Windows 10 machines using G Suite credentials for all G Suite users, and access apps and services with... Read more »


Due to recent coronavirus outbreak, we are facing numerous challenges and changes worldwide. Many companies have found themselves unprepared for this situation, and since this is not permanent, we wanted... Read more »

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