Google+ has become a niche social network for checking out new community topics. It’s not the largest community, but its users are passionate. Today, Google has introduced a new way to find content on Google+ called, Topics. You can find the new feature hitting Google+ today. For example, here’s the Topic for Black & White Photography, which features some content... Read more »


Google Maps has been adding features that let you easily navigate to places, and at times, reminds you about the place that may get closed by the time you reach... Read more »


Outlook Customer Manager, a newadd-in feature in Outlook, helps you to stay up-to-date with all your business dealings with your customers. You can track your customer communication history and maintain your customer relationships effectively.... Read more »


Earth Day is today and it’s here to remind us we should be appreciating our planet’s beauty.   With the new Google Earth, we got the most unique perspective: Space. Admire the NASA... Read more »


The idea of independent-yet-collective work fits perfectly in a highly liveable, liberal city, the likes of which are San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Prague, New York, London, Melobourne, Brisbane, Barcelona, Budapest,... Read more »

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