Our UseWise You Tube channel is making big strides to open a conversation on the multi-cloud and we are diligently recording videos covering various topics. We are sometimes receiving various questions and one of these was the following: I am about to get cloud server to host .NET application with SQL Server 2012-2016. I want to know what is the... Read more »


Everybody is talking about digital transformation. It has become an umbrella buzzword for a lot of activities, things, projects and it is a topic that is mentioned a lot in... Read more »


We have been quite active recently on our UseWise channel on You Tube recently and here is one of the videos – comparison of Azure vs GCP vs AWS presented... Read more »


Cloud is amazing and using office productivity tools in the cloud can change the way you do business. However, having peace of mind is also equally important. This is why... Read more »


How easy is it to create a new document in GSuite? From now it is so easy that it is really a game changer.   In your browser you just... Read more »

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