In October, Google introduced us with a rebranded version of G Suite and everybody seems to wonder what Google Workspace is, so as a proud Google partner, we wanted to give you an extensive overview of Google’s well-known set of apps now called Google Workspace. Ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Google has been doing everything to make... Read more »


We are continuing with our series of videos on artificial intelligence, this time with special emphasis on neural networks, deep learning and their connection to AI.  Neural networks are part... Read more »


As we have already announced, in the next few videos, we will be getting more in-depth with artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks. Artificial intelligence was always a point... Read more »


Companies often need to centrally manage their employee’s computers or notebooks and the old way of doing this was through an Active Directory. In our latest video, we discuss how... Read more »


We understand that companies got used to their data centers since that was the way of doing business for years. We also understand the suspicion towards the use of the... Read more »

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