Cloud is amazing and using office productivity tools in the cloud can change the way you do business. However, having peace of mind is also equally important. This is why Miadria is partnering with Spinbackup – the backup and security solution recommended by Google. Here you can read more: Contact us to find out more Spinbackup.


How easy is it to create a new document in GSuite? From now it is so easy that it is really a game changer.   In your browser you just... Read more »


Miadria has always been proud to be the first at the forefront of new technologies and initiatives. We were founded eleven years ago when cloud computing was so new that... Read more »


A great new story on how you can change the way you do business by using cloud technologies has been published on Medium. Our CEO, Adriana Baranek, shares her views... Read more »


Multi-cloud is becoming sort of a buzzword. As with any buzzword, there will be some comics made to ridicule them, some so-called experts jumping aboard the buzzword train that will give... Read more »

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