Cloud computing can and will revolutionise businesses but the educational system has to keep up. Together, they’re awinning combination for future generations.   Cloud computing in education: A New Dawn   Providing software as a service is not a new computing practice in schools. The new gens are moew aware of it, but legacy gens might have to be reminded... Read more »


Google redesigns its mobile app and website with tappable search shortcuts. Both the Google Search app and the Search homepage on the mobile web will now include shortcuts for areas... Read more »


Remember Google Latitude? The long-dead app has been resurrected to make it easier for business people to  and in private life, to know where your children are. The tracking feature... Read more »


A Router Party: trying to set up separate routers. Unleash your router power! Here’s how the Salvation Army handled it, with a little help from the Meraki dasboard. Because Meraki... Read more »


Microsoft is updating its OneNote app for Windows 10, adding the ability to graph math equations. The feature is part of the Ink math assistant, which helps to solve equations.... Read more »

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