Last year Google launched Smart Canvas – a new collaboration experience within Google Workspace that includes an entire set of productivity features. Part of the Smart canvas offering is smart chips –  an improved way of referencing data and connecting people, documents, and events.  By typing @ symbol within Google Docs, you can get a list of items that you... Read more »


In January 2022, Google announced a new integrated look for Gmail that is available from February and will become default by April this year. For now, users are notified via... Read more »


We are continuing our video series on how to use specific Google Workspace features and services with one of the most interesting ones and that is email forwarding. If you... Read more »


G Suite Legacy free will no longer be available and action is required till May 1. Find out what exactly that means and how to continue to use your favorite... Read more »


We have all been in that situation when we hit the send button in Gmail too soon and sent an email that was addressed to the wrong person or was... Read more »

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