Does your hotel room have 5 bars of usable coverage? Do you build loyalty by giving your hotel guests great WiFi? It’s no secret that expectations for connectivity have shifted over the years. Hotel guests now demand to be connected everywhere and all the time. Providing robust and reliable coverage is mandatory, especially in the guest room. Check-in your guests... Read more »


Google has shared more details of its efforts to implement BeyondCorp, a security approach the company has been using internally for years to control access to enterprise systems and data.... Read more »


Thanks to the cloud working remotely has become much easier. It hardly matters where your data is located. Or so it seems. Due to the increasingly strict rules and regulations... Read more »


Cloud-based services are such an important factor to increase the independence of people with disabilities and we see that there are many out there that do not use them  ... Read more »


Microsoft put a clear and definitive stamp of authority on its cloud product, Azure. The company’s refocused profile for business services, the cloud-driven Microsoft 365, rolls all its products, from... Read more »

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