VPN, shortened for Virtual Private Network, is an internet security service that creates an encrypted connection between user devices and one or more servers. Over time VPNs became a very important networking solution for companies that come from the old world, for companies that have on-premise installations and are using unsecured applications. Today, if you are using a public cloud then... Read more »


Following up on our previous video Intranet vs Internet, in the last week’s video we focused on firewalls and networking. We wanted to explain how firewalls came to be so... Read more »


Since networking usually represents huge costs for the company, business executives often have many questions related to networking and are wondering how to reduce those costs. We are continuing our... Read more »


Sometimes our prospective clients come to us with questions and problems that seem rather simple and one would think that the solution should be simple as well. But in reality,... Read more »


This video is inspired by real-life events that we have experienced in Croatia. You might have heard that a series of earthquakes has hit our capital city in March 2020,... Read more »

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