One of the questions we often get from companies that have lots of infrastructure on-premise is what to do with existing software licenses when moving to the cloud. We address that specific question in the recent Q&A video in which we give some quick pointers on how to approach this complex topic.  Additionally, we made a follow-up Q&A video where... Read more »


If you are not sure is your company cloud-ready, you are not alone, and most importantly you are in the right place. Many companies have the same dilemma and are... Read more »


Did you know that 80% percent of workers are frontline workers? No wonder Google decided to address that segment of the market by introducing the Google Workspace Frontline plan, designed... Read more »


Sometimes companies need to send tens of thousands or even millions of emails per day, especially if there is a marketing campaign active, some kind of event or if there... Read more »


Following up on our previous two videos in which we talked about differences between email clients and email service from the browsers, we made another video in which we discuss... Read more »

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