We hear about domains so much, but what are they in fact? Why are they so important? In our prior video, we talked about the importance of having your domains in order and now we want to emphasize the necessity to understand the meaning of domains. Domains are names that people can use to access your content, to communicate with... Read more »


We are continuing our series on your email server and getting to know it and since this is not exclusively an IT topic we are trying our best to make... Read more »


Business and technologies can’t go one without the other, especially today when more and more businesses depend on technology. You need technology to stay up to date with world trends,... Read more »


Wouldn’t it be great for people to quickly recognize an email from your company even before opening it? The good news is that there is a new and modern approach... Read more »


We often get questions from business executives about the public cloud so we are making a series of videos about IT for business executives because we want to make IT... Read more »

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