Google launched a redesigned version of Google Calendar on the web today. The calendar looks way more modern with larger date icons, updated colors, and cleaner event boxes. It basically looks more like the mobile application. It’s cleaner, has more white space and is easier to read. Starting today, G Suite admins can enable these new features and individual users can click... Read more »


Recently, Google’s been hot in delivering better protection for the work you do online. Today, the company announced  it would roll out an advanced protection program in order to provide better... Read more »


  As businesses evolve, they need technology that is simple to help them succeed today and flexible enough to help them build for tomorrow. Chrome is fit for the workplace... Read more »


Some very bad news for anyone who uses Wi-Fi: Security researchers have found severe flaws in the Wi-Fi Protected Access II protocol (WPA2), the security protocol most commonly used to secure your... Read more »


Unles you’re a top hacker or one of the best IT security people in the world, your digital data is at risk. However, there are steps you can take to... Read more »

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