Last year Google introduced some interesting marketing tools for Gmail, which can be used to create and send professional-looking emails to large groups of people. Earlier you didn’t have the option to send personalized emails to many recipients, and you had to use special mail merge solutions.  Now, with the multi-send mode, you can easily create a newsletter, announcements, or... Read more »


If you haven’t used the catchall email address, we will explain in short how this Google Workspace option can be beneficial for your business. In email communication, it often happens... Read more »


One of the most recent Google Meet features is picture-in-picture mode, which brings so much in terms of both collaboration and multitasking. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of... Read more »


Are your outgoing emails being marked as spam by receiving servers? Learn how to properly set your SPF and DKIM records to prevent this from happening. SPF or Sender Policy... Read more »


Last year Google launched Smart Canvas – a new collaboration experience within Google Workspace that includes an entire set of productivity features. Part of the Smart canvas offering is smart... Read more »

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