We are happy to announce Google Cloud Retail & Consumer Goods Summit – a digital event that will help leaders delight customers through creative, data-driven experiences. Join us on Tuesday, July 27, 18:00  – 20:30 CEST to learn how some of the world’s leading retail and consumer goods companies like Ulta, Albertsons, IKEA, and L’Oreal are using Google Cloud AI,... Read more »


Reserve your spot for one more exciting event ahead and that is the Google Cloud security summit which will be held on the 20th of July at 18:00 CEST. You... Read more »


We truly enjoyed this year’s Google IO and we are very excited to present you with some innovations and announcements from the conference.  Following up on our previous video where... Read more »


We invite you to join this year’s Google Cloud Applied ML Summit which will be held virtually on June the 10th. This is a great opportunity to gain exclusive insights... Read more »


Google offers one of the best services for converting text into natural-sounding speech which can be used for various purposes – from simple things like converting PDF files into the... Read more »

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