In January 2022, Google announced a new integrated look for Gmail that is available from February and will become default by April this year. For now, users are notified via a pop-up that they can switch to a new Gmail view but are able to revert to the classic Gmail look from settings. By the end of Q2 2022, it is expected that the new Gmail layout will become a standard experience with no option to revert to the classic view. 

Our first impression is that the new Gmail layout has a much cleaner and more focused look. The main emphasis is on the integration of email, Google Meet, Google Chat, and Spaces so that users can easily switch between their inbox, conversations, chats, and meetings without using separate tabs or windows. Each app’s menu is displayed in a collapsible panel that you can hide. 

Gmail’s new integrated look

Notification bubbles in the left corner of the screen will be displayed in case you got new messages in spaces or chat. You can choose whether you want to open chat in full screen or in a separate window. A new unified look gives more in terms of collaboration; as spaces become a place where teams connect and collaborate, you can seamlessly work with your colleagues on a document without having to leave the Gmail window.

The main idea behind this redesign is to help users stay more productive and focused while reducing the need to work in multiple tabs or windows at the same time. Learn more about the new integrated Gmail layout in the Google support article and blog post.