AWS IoT Device Defender (30/11/2017)

Amazon has launched a new service to help monitor and protect against IoT device risks. AWS IoT Device Defender (coming in the first half of 2018) continuously audits security policies associated… Read more »

Amazon Time Sync Service (30/11/2017)

The Amazon Time Sync Service provides a highly accurate and reliable time reference that is natively accessible from Amazon EC2 instances. Leap seconds are known to cause application errors, and… Read more »

AWS has new ways to validate database migration (20/11/2017)

AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) offers two new ways to validate your database migration: pre-migration validation and post-migration data validation, the company announced.

Bring SAP to Amazon Cloud with Miadria (10/11/2017)

While SAP continues to dominate the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market with up to 76% of the world’s financials leaning on a SAP system, Amazon Web Services is the leading Public… Read more »

Track actions in WorkDocs (19/09/2017)

Amazon has announced a new feature in their WorkDocs which comes not a day too early – administrators can now track actions in the WorkDocs Site.