Cloud ComputingCloud allows businesses to quickly adapt to the latest technologies for continued growth and provides a myriad of opportunities for future development.

Moving on-premise systems to the cloud and as-a-Service model, companies benefit from:

  • Economy of scale
  • Switching from CapEx to OpEx – stop spending money on data centers and pay what you really use
  • No more capacity & resource guessing – storage and computing power available when you need it
  • Speed & agility improvements – shift focus from maintenance of old systems to improving your business
  • Latest security at scale
  • Reducing risk of downtime, data loss and non-compliance
  • Using advanced technologies like AI, Cognitive & Machine Learning for Big Data and BI
  • Building new applications with DevOps practices
  • Integrating and automating processes in the cloud.
  • Achieving global presence in minutes

Cloud economics

TCO Cloud Graph

Summary public cloud vs. on-premise:

Agility New resource available in minutes — Automatization New resource available in 6-20 weeks
Capacity Elastic Fixed
Price Lower Higher
Costs Variable, OpEx Fixed, CapEx
Presence Global, in minutes Local – limited with the number of data centers
Security Compliance Always latest security tech
Industry-leading security teams 24/7
Native functionality & tools
Global certifications
“Do it yourself”
IT Specialized – higher value Unspecialized – (procurement, maintenance, capacity planning…)


Miadria has a proven track record of public cloud projects, partnerships and certifications with leading public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Our clients value the vendor-agnostic approach and multicloud management to get the best for their specific need.

Possibilites are endless — find out more on our web or contact us right away and lets explore them together.

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