IoT and the public cloud (27/04/2020)

The idea behind The Internet of things, or shortened “IoT”, is that everyday objects and physical devices are being connected to the Internet, which gives you the ability to monitor… Read more »

Good news for Office 365 subscribers (29/08/2018)

Microsoft  announced a couple of AI-focused updates for its OneDrive and SharePoint users with an Office 365 subscription that bring more  machine learning smarts to the company’s file storage services. All of… Read more »

Predictive maintenance with Azure (19/07/2018)

Microsoft put a clear and definitive stamp of authority on its cloud product, Azure. The company’s refocused profile for business services, the cloud-driven Microsoft 365, rolls all its products, from… Read more »

New AI smarts in Azure Event Grid (8/05/2018)

Microsoft has been putting a lot of emphasis on artificial intelligence and edge computing recently. To a large degree, that means bringing many of the existing Azure services to machines… Read more »

Azure Storage metrics in Azure Monitor (4/05/2018)

With metrics on Azure Storage, you can analyze usage trends, trace requests, and diagnose issues with your storage account. Azure Monitor provides unified user interfaces for monitoring across different Azure… Read more »