As the coronavirus continues to frighten people we are continuing to push the idea that technology can save us from this pandemic. Cloud computing is magic and in our newest video, we explain how it can enable your company to travel less and hold business meetings in a modern way using videoconferencing in the cloud. Due to coronavirus, many companies have arranged that their workers work remotely, which is exactly what cloud computing is all about and it doesn’t have to be just a security measure in a time of crisis but your everyday privilege.

Using cloud technologies you can access your work data and be as productive as if you’re working from your office desktop. This is not the first time some virus has created problems worldwide, so it just a reminder that people should also reconsider the way they work and start to think more about the future. Enabling your workers to work from anywhere is the way to prepare your company for situations such as these. Moving to the cloud gives you the health security and work productivity at the same time.

It is much easier and cheaper to gather your team or to meet with clients using modern tools like Google Meet or Microsoft Teams than to travel around the globe.  

You can find out more in our newest video here. Also, take a look at our video Part 1 – Working remotely, regarding the same topic. Enjoy and let us know if you have some questions in the comments below. Follow our channel and subscribe to get notified of new videos.