New information and threat protection capabilities help SMBs thwart phishing, ransomware and other security threats.

Microsoft 365 Business includes Office 365, device management and security capabilities to protect small business information across the devices people use for work. It now has new security enhancements meant to keep small and midsize business (SMB) users and the data they’re entrusted with safe.

Defend yourself from cybercrime with new Office 365 capabilities

 Microsoft is focusing its security efforts on smaller organizations that may lack the technical know-how and financial resources to mount a defense against determined attackers.

Additionally, Microsoft is adding some additional protections for sensitive data. Small businesses can now access data loss prevention policies to “identify, monitor, and protect” social security numbers, credit card numbers, and similar sensitive information. Outlook will now include encryption rules that can prevent emails from being forwarded, copied, or pasted into other programs. Email archiving and preservation policies can also now be set, and BitLocker device encryption can now be enforced for all Windows devices to protect data stored on them.

Microsoft says that 41% of SMBs can remotely remove data from a stolen device, and half use email encryption. These are things that the firm aims to fix with its announcements for Microsoft 365 Business today.


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