Cryptolocker is a type of malware that can cause significant damage to a company or organization since they tend to attack basic infrastructure from desktops to servers with databases. It encrypts files on an affected system and demands ransom for decryption. Companies that use on-premise infrastructure are far more likely to suffer from cryptolocker attacks than the ones using public cloud services. 

One of the many advantages of public cloud are managed services that you as a customer can rely on, and that are usually out of reach for cryptolockers. Public cloud users have overall better security practices than on-premise users and benefit from AI technology used to detect anomalies for user sign-in patterns along with two-factor challenges for suspicious login requests as a very important security layer. 

Public cloud storage services for end-users such as Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive can give you a significant data protection advantage and are unlikely to be affected by cryptolockers. They also have a version history that enables you to roll back easily before the cryptolocker did its damage. Even if you get attacked by a cryptolocker, you will be able to recover quite quickly.

Cryptolockers and public cloud

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