Work from home preparedness (13/05/2020)

Due to recent coronavirus outbreak, we are facing numerous challenges and changes worldwide. Many companies have found themselves unprepared for this situation, and since this is not permanent, we wanted… Read more »

Public cloud vs Hosting (8/05/2020)

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IoT and the public cloud (27/04/2020)

The idea behind The Internet of things, or shortened “IoT”, is that everyday objects and physical devices are being connected to the Internet, which gives you the ability to monitor… Read more »

Group consolidation in the public cloud (31/03/2020)

Financial consolidation is a process of combining the financial statements from different departments or business entities within an organization in order to make a report. Consolidation of your group accounts… Read more »

Remote work (12/03/2020)

Lately, we can hear in the media that some companies have arranged that their employees work from home until this coronavirus situation settles down. Remote work has become an essential… Read more »