Just ten days ago, Miadria team held the regular weekly meeting during which we discussed the situation with coronavirus pandemic and its impact on business and world in general.

Everybody expressed their concern about how things will develop in the future. In just a few days, the situation dramatically changed and now we are all working from home, along with all the other companies who followed the instruction released by Croatian Government to work remotely if they are able to.

This is a situation seen not only within our company but also in thousands of companies all over the world. Luckily, for Miadria Group this crisis won’t impact our productivity and efficiency because we are using various public cloud based services in its full power every day.

To show you how some of these public cloud based services work in real life we decided to make a demo of how you can stay connected with your colleagues and work, and the first service we will show you is G Suite by Google.

G Suite makes it possible to be productive and efficient from any device and any place at any time. Bear in mind that in this demo, we were focused on office productivity with G Suite, but do not forget that in addition to it you can also use Google, for instance, to migrate your SAP to the cloud and other software that is vital for your business.

Editing documents or spreadsheets was never that easy like when using Google Docs or Sheets, so in this demo, you can see our team working together at the same time on the same file. Using Google Hangouts Meet for a chat and video conferencing can significantly improve your communication and collaboration with colleagues and business partners no matter where you’re working from, so our intention was to show you how to use this powerful tool for your business. Also, you will be able to see how admin console looks in G Suite Enterprise and how to manage G Suite from one place.

Although the ability to work from outside of the office has been possible for quite some time, working remotely is only now becoming a common thing. Remote work must be fueled by the technology and G Suite is a set of tools that can help you make that happen in an easy and seamless way.

We hope that you will find our video to be informative and helpful and to encourage you to get the most out of popular G Suite powered by Google technology and get your business on a whole new level.

Working from anywhere with Google

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