Due to recent coronavirus outbreak, we are facing numerous challenges and changes worldwide. Many companies have found themselves unprepared for this situation, and since this is not permanent, we wanted to make a video about all the things you need to consider to work from home efficiently.

We wanted to emphasize important risks regarding remote work: the risks related to staffing and to the possibility that your employees may not adapt well to the new situation, and also there is a risk related to the availability of IT services. Workforce management and communication with employees are essential at the moment. Companies that are using public cloud services like Office 365 or G Suite have a lot of tools that enable them to stay productive when working remotely. Others mainly rely on shadow IT services which present a huge security risk.

It is also important to have a clear BYOD policy since many employees will not be able to move their desktops with them. To avoid possible security incidents which are, unfortunately, very often today you have to manage devices and security for remote workers. In the video, we have mentioned some great tools such as Cisco Umbrella which provide you optimal protection not only within the intranet but on the internet as well.

Once you have optimized your work from home, you are sure that you can keep your business running smoothly regardless of the problems that may occur.

We are witnessing a huge work paradigm shift where public cloud solutions can really help. Waiting for this situation to come to an end is not a solution –  we all need to rethink the way we live and work, be innovative and embrace the change. Check out the video for more detailed information.

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