Lots of people wonder what are the main differences between hosting and public cloud, so we made a video about this topic because we wanted to make sure you get the right information which will ultimately help you make the best choice for your business.

Hosting is basically having an on-premise environment taken care of by the local company, usually with limited resources and quite a diverse patchwork of technologies. Hosting companies usually offer e-mail, storage services, compute services (virtual machines) and shared hosting for websites. 

There are a number of issues with such an approach and in our new video we explain in detail why the public cloud is a better choice. When it comes to security, services, managing domains and much more, public cloud is more reliable, more flexible and cost-effective. When using services from hosting providers you simply cannot have that level of quality services which public cloud can deliver.

Bottom line is that hosting is a thing of the past and it is indicative that some hosting providers have migrated to the cloud.

It is important for a business to understand its own needs so that an optimum choice can be made. Never settle for less because there are many other options on the market and it’s important to be open-minded about alternative solutions. To get more detailed information about this topic, here is a link to the video. We are preparing more interesting videos for you, so make sure you subscribe to our Usewise channel.

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