Are we ready for the future? (16/03/2016)

Things that make you go “hmmmm”.   Globally, there is a shortage of skilled IT workers. How come? Obviously, the technology is developing faster then the need of IT professionals… Read more »

The importance of change management (4/03/2016)

Training is an essential component of change management, but alone it isn’t likely to inspire behaviour change. Just because someone teaches you a new skill, doesn’t mean that you will… Read more »

Technology improves business (23/02/2016)

      When Google recently surveyed 800 business leaders about their habits and approaches, they’ve noticed a common trend in those which developed the fastest: they are open to technology… Read more »

Switching clouds (12/02/2016)

Some companies are switching between computing clouds for many reasons. Cloud computing providers have developed their respective cloud in different ways so switching between them is more then a few… Read more »