The FIDO Alliance’s U2F open standard lets compatible USB key drives and other small devices simplify two-factor authentication.


Data breaches happen on a regular daily bases. Practicing cautiousness on the web is as important as looking left and right when crossing a street. if you don’t have safety at the back of your mind, it’ll hit you, sooner or later. This is especially important for older generations who don’t understand all the evil works that can be done online.

One way to protect your account is a 2-step-verification which is a great way to add security and prevent your account to be hacked, even if your password gets stolen. By activating 2-factor/step-verification, every time you enter your password, you’ll get a SMS with an additional code that you have to enter in order to use your account. So, even if one gets stolen (password or mobile phone), the thief won’t get both and thus won’t ba able to access your account. Two factors are better than one, no doubt about it. In other words, even organizations that have two-factor authentication in place are often using it only for specific users or servers.

However, for some, this is a nuissance. So, to provide best available protection nowadays and make it simple, consider getting a security USB key. Thanks to initiatives like FIDO, and emerging two-factor authentication systems that are simpler and less expensive, two-factor authentication is gaining momentum.

With it, all you need to do is insert the USB into your computer port after you enter your password.

So simple. So safe.