What do Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison all have in common? They were all important contributors to science  that would benefit the mankind. And they were all commited power nappers.

Today, more and more employees are spending a significant part of their afternoon staring blankly at the computer screen, or pinching themselves to stay awake during an afternoon staff meeting.

What’s the solution? Power napping.
Twenty to thirty minutes of sleep in the afternoon recharges your body and mind and provides the extra power required to have a successful, productive day; making both you and your employer happier.

What is a power nap?
A power nap can be defined as a short nap during the day of about 20-30 minutes.

Some of the main benefits of power napping include better  memory, motor skills and stamina.

In addition, power naps are especially beneficial for individuals who engage in high pressure situations such as:

  • Important presentations
  • Meetings with clients
  • Scholastic exams
  • Long drives or commutes
  • Competitive sports
  • Complex problem solving

We believe that once companies start to see an increase in production and fewer sick days from napping, it will become more and more common… just like option to work from home.

Some companies are already starting to respond to sleep-deprived workers by providing the time and space to nap during work hours.

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