Google launches Drive File Stream (8/09/2017)

Many of us have Google Drive files that are quite large, and that’s especially true for enterprise customers. Cloud storage isn’t as appealing when you need to sync all those… Read more »

Check parking difficulty on Google Maps (29/08/2017)

Finding a parking spot is more often than not  stressful and tiresome. That’s why Google is rolling out an update to the parking difficulty icons feature the company launched earlier in January,… Read more »

Google launches Chrome Enterprise (23/08/2017)

Google is launching a new enterprise service for large businesses that want to adopt Chrome OS devices.  Chrome Enterprise is designed to be a “single, cost-effective solution” for organizations to “give… Read more »

Google Docs gets a bunch of new temwork features (17/08/2017)

Before cloud computing, Microsoft’s Office products were the norm; however, with Google’s introduction of Docs, Slides, and Sheets, the way we create, edit, and share documents has drastically changed. Although… Read more »