Google Apps security (4/06/2010)

Read what Eran Feigenbaum, Security Director, Google Enterprise said on Friday 4th June 2010 on Google Apps security: There you will also finf a link to a detailed Google Apps… Read more »

Google Sites (26/05/2010)

Companies use Google Sites to make the information more available. Employees can create intranet or project teams can create pages in order to collect and share common knowledge of a… Read more »

Gmail (26/05/2010)

Gmail boasts with over 10 million business users, and their number is constantly growing. Gmail’s inbox has a substantial storage capacity and the need for deleting mail is minimised. Furthermore,… Read more »

Google Docs (26/05/2010)

Google Docs add to the quality of output thanks to the simultaneous collaboration and discussion on documents – a number of people on different locations can see, discuss and edit… Read more »

Google Talk (26/05/2010)

Google Talk enables a more efficient and effective communication using textual chat. You can check availability of your contacts and reply to an email via chat. This enables communication in… Read more »

Google Calendar (26/05/2010)

With Google Calendar you can get an insight into the calenders of your colleagues in only one calender, available over the Internet. Their meeting arrangements are shown next to yours,… Read more »

New themes in Google templates (20/05/2010)

24 new themes have been added to Google templates.They relate to weddings, contact forms and party planning. Supported versions: : Standard, Premier, Education, Team and Partner Supported languages: All languages… Read more »

Insite into new editing features in Spreadsheets (23/04/2010)

– Main features: faster loading and viewing of large tables, drag&drop columns, lines for formula editing, auto-complete, batter navigation between tables. – Better performance: faster initial loading, viewing, collaboration and… Read more »