New updates for Gmail (11/04/2011)

Administrator control for Gmail Themes now available A checkbox to enable/disable Gmail Themes for users has now been added to the Administrator Control Panel. Languages included: US English Only (Next… Read more »

Fixing the little things (8/04/2011)

Many people tell us, “I love Gmail! Except for this one thing…” And every day, Gmail users share their “one thing” that would make Gmail better for them through Google’s… Read more »

Making old documents, new (30/03/2011)

Almost a year ago, Google introduced a new version of the document editor. The new version launched with character-by-character collaboration, higher import fidelity and new features like a ruler and… Read more »

Filter your data in spreadsheets (24/03/2011)

Collecting information is often much easier than analyzing or understanding it, especially for large information in large spreadsheets. One common challenge is that it’s hard to drill down into the… Read more »

Updates to Drawings (24/03/2011)

Presence + Revision history Google Docs has always been designed to make it easy to work on documents together. Google is making that easier in drawings by introducing two new… Read more »

New in Gmail Labs: Smart Labels (11/03/2011)

People get a lot of email these days. On top of personal messages, there are group mailing lists, social network notifications, credit card statements, newsletters you might have signed up… Read more »