When Flash freezes over (11/04/2016)

  Flash  ads now Click-To-Play   The Windows 10 Anniversary Update, expected to launch on July 29, will change how Flash works in the Edge browser. Similar to Google’s Chrome… Read more »

From Enigma to open-source (30/03/2016)

There’s no such thing as a bad idea! Just poorly executed awesome ones More and more organizations today find themselves having to find and exploit new ideas and opportunities in… Read more »

Have you heard of PowerPoint Designer? (25/03/2016)

Microsoft’s PowerPoint Designer gets multiple image support and more PowerPoint Designer provides people with a bunch of options for how they can lay images alongside text. In addition to the multiple… Read more »

Pivot, power up! (15/03/2016)

 Microsoft’s Excel 2016 remains the premier spreadsheet solution for anyone who needs a powerful tool for analyzing and presenting complex data. Your pivot feature in Office 365 Excel has just… Read more »

Empowering students with Genius Hour (15/03/2016)

 There is a short series of actual in-class lessons based on  “Liberating Genius,” Angela Maiers’ free e-book (in OneNote format). For more guidance, please go to the updated OneNote lesson plans (written by Tammy Brecht… Read more »

Office chat – now with Skype (8/03/2016)

It’s great to have options for a basic human need – communication. We’re all social creatures. When exchange of information is necesary, like at work, you can now pick the… Read more »

How and why to work from home (4/03/2016)

Over are the days when onlyprogrammers could work from home. The trend is gaining momentum, backed by modern technology which enabled cloud computing. Benefits go to both sides: business save… Read more »