Microsoft GigJam —a new way to work (13/05/2016)

  GigJam is a product Microsoft has built to help people get work done together. It reflects company’s current approach to focus on letting people quickly and independently collaborate across different services… Read more »

More power for Outlook and Office 365 (6/05/2016)

Microsoft has been quite active these days doing their best to improve your experience with Office 365. The new update brings simple and powerful file sharing and collaboration for Office 365 because… Read more »

The name of the day – Sharepoint (6/05/2016)

SharePoint enables companies and individuals to create an intranet, a private version of select websites and services stored and shared to a selected audience. Microsoft says that it’s working towards offering… Read more »

Is the world ready for hybrid cloud? (29/04/2016)

Well, Microsoft thinks it is. So, where to start, what to look for? The challenge for IT operations is managing across both existing traditional infrastructure and new cloud resources. For… Read more »

Yammer external groups (27/04/2016)

Grouping up teams from different domains   Yammer is Microsoft’s enterprise social networking service used for communication within organizations. It works well with Office365.   Microsoft released a new collaboration feature… Read more »