AWS and Microsoft are the cloud leaders, but IaaS has Google on the same lap

Gartner has published a new magic quadrant for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) that – surprising nobody – has Amazon Web Services and Microsoft alone in the leader’s quadrant and a few others thought outside of the box.

As you can see from the image above, Microsoft and Amazon are the only leaders in this category. It is also important to note that Microsoft has long way to go to catch up to Amazon in the IaaS market. Even though Microsoft is investing heavily in Azure, Amazon with its AWS is not slowing down in any way. Both Azure and AWS are growing further away from rest of the market.


IBM was rated visionary because its cloud is a work in progress. Probably slow progress. While the company is working on a “Next-Generation Infrastructure” project that will improve scale and efficiency, there’s no news of when it will debut.

Google’s the visionary closest to escaping into the leaders’ quadrant. Gartner says it’s a fine cloud for developers of cloud-native applications and is building features suited to more conventional workloads at speed.

AWS is rated “the most mature, enterprise-ready provider, with the deepest capabilities for governing a large number of users and resources.” Gartner says it can satisfy the cool kids who want cloud-native and old hands who want to shift traditional workloads to the cloud, in part because independent software vendors have clambered aboard in large numbers.

Copy of the report can be found here