Google Calendar has got a makeover (18/10/2017)

Google launched a redesigned version of Google Calendar on the web today. The calendar looks way more modern with larger date icons, updated colors, and cleaner event boxes. It basically looks more… Read more »

GDPR and Google Cloud (17/10/2017)

  As businesses evolve, they need technology that is simple to help them succeed today and flexible enough to help them build for tomorrow. Chrome is fit for the workplace… Read more »

Google Cloud Search gets more power (4/10/2017)

Obtaining PowerSearching skills is becoming more important then ever. Not only in private lives but in everyday work as well. The better web searcher you are, the more time you… Read more »

Web pages for G Suite admins (29/09/2017)

Earlier this year, Google introduced a new resource place for admins: What’s new in G Suite?  Don’t forget to visit the page regularly for a list of the most recent launches across G… Read more »