Reason 1 – Your image

To give you an idea, simply compare addresses and No further explanation needed.


Reason 2 – Security

Imagine you run a company and have a great new product. Your competitor sends an email from address saying something like: “Dear Sir, due to problems with our server we have lost the offer you’ve sent. please be so kind as to resend the offer for the product XY”. After a long day, you probably won’t notice that the address is false (underscore instead of dot) and the outflow of information is unavoidable.


Reason 3 – Anti-spam

So you get an email sounding like this:

“„Dear sir, my name is Fred Turner and I represent company which… product placement in your country… I would like to present you… I would like to apply for discount since… etc…“.

Chances are that Mr. Turner never has nor will ever read the email in question but the address is used to send spam messages like this and earn money by selling Viagra or Cialis without prescription.


Reason 4 – Collaboration

Each of your employees has an account, and these accounts are connected through a  hub. These tools let you plan events and coordinate meetings, work on documents while maintaining the security of information. If any of the employees leaves, the date and information are still safe in the company.


The first step is to register domain, the second to pick a respectable email provider. Miadria offers to help you with purchasing licenses for the three top ones – GmailOutlook and Verse, business versions. We’ll be glad  to talk to you, analyze your needs and recommend the best solution for your company.