It’s common knowledge that attracting top talent is a key driver of business success, but building  teams with the right talent takes both, time and money. Even last year, we wrote of ways to use G Suite apps to eleviate the troubles of onboarding process, but now, things have bocome even simpler.

Google Hire  was announced ithis summer and it is designed to help HR (human resources) coordinators at small and mid-sized businesses schedule interviews and have overview of their candidates  and more at hand.

It integrates seamlessly with relevant G Suite apps like Gmail and Google Calendar ( which more than 3 million businesses use). With the introduction of Hire, customers now have a hiring app alongside G Suite’s familiar, easy-to-use tools that can help them run an efficient recruiting process.

Companies using Google Hire can choose where on the web to display job listings.


For a brief intro and overview of this app, here are short videos on certain options (and ideas) of its use: