Many companies are moving their enterprise collaboration solutions to the cloud, and that trend will only continue in 2017. With benefits like low upfront costs, better access to all the latest features and improved mobile accessibility, it’s not surprising that 56 percent of IT executives and decision-makers in a  Forrester survey reported that they plan to move or have already moved part of their collaboration platform to the cloud.

In today’s business climate, collaboration is an indispensable component of success. New technologies enable organizations to find ever more ways to increase productivity and efficiency, making the most of the ability to work together as a team, uncover hidden knowledge and utilize one another’s strengths. As cloud based software is recognized more and more for enabling powerful collaboration, taking advantage of cloud is a wise business decision that’s sure to pay dividends.

So what are the key ways to build a successful cloud collaboration?  Well, here are three techniques you might find useful. And don’t forget the magic of a good change management. Shazam!

By adding cloud collaboration to sales, HR, and other processes, you’ll shorten sales cycles, increase customer and employee engagement, and reduce training costs. Avoid disconnected heaps of collaboration; instead, deliver a single, secure foundation across your entire business.