Using SaaS is sassy

Adoption of Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 continues to grow


With millennials becoming more present at the workforce draft, companies are pressured to follow techniology and use tools of the future in the present. As this happens, they are starting to realize the benefits of SaaS in Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365.

We all need sa productivity suite to work, but that doesn’t mean we like them. we just find them unavoidable and necessary. Can SaaS make office work more interesting?

A survey  conducted by BetterCloud found that two of the major players in productivity software, Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365, continue to grow in popularity and continue to dominate the market. For example, approximately35% of respondents have adopted Office 365 in the past year, a strong indication of Microsoft’s success in promoting its cloud-first, mobile-first strategy.

The question here is not which cloud is better but which cloud is best for your organisation. Just as people, companies don’t need the same thing to keep them going.

The reports reveals that Google Apps users are more likely to take advantage of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) features than people  who are using Office 365. Google Apps users are also more likely to perceive the benefits of the SaaS features. The reason might lie in the age of the users – young workforce is more likely to have used cloud-based software services and are also more likely to be comfortable with cloud-based computing.



Cloud computing, document sharing and simultaneous collaboration, all in real time are all relatively new concepts that will take time  to be fully adopted  and accepted by enterprises. Age is a significant contributing factor to SaaS application use in many cases, but it will become less of an issue over time because the modern workforce is mobile, device independent, and more collaborative, so the productivity tools they use must adapt to that environment. Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 seem to be ahead of the curve in this regard.