Cloud computing has long evolved from a “nice to have”, to a viable alternative to traditional IT.


A competitive vendor landscape and a rapidly evolving partner ecosystem with the presence of Google Cloud, Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure is a key driver for adoption of cloud computing. The world is increasingly moving towards a cloud first strategy.




On top of it, rapidly developing start-up ecosystems  mostly host applications that are developed and hosted in the public cloud, in an effort to minimize risks involved with capital investment. Hence, in 2018, we expect cloud computing adoption to accelerate further.

The reason behind is that we see that  cloud computing, due to its on-demand and elastic nature, as well its “pay per use” consumption model, is viewed as one of the key enablers for digital transformation.


What do statistics say

The insights and findings below are from LogicMonitor’s Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of the Cloud Study (PDF, free, opt-in, 9 pp.). 


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