Miadria - What do we do?
A word from our CEO Adriana Baranek

Miadria is champion of innovation and we will lay the groundwork for you to use cloud tools to mobilize workforce, create opportunities for fast and easy collaboration and open new channels for social interaction and access to resources across organization. Real time collaboration and video conferencing are just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more. Let us know what you need and we will find the solutions that will help you in everyday work.

You work in company that is matured and you operate in the traditional vertical? You think your business does not need change? Think twice. New technologies are changing the way that your competitors are doing business and Miadria might have already helped them to transform their business in a way that will increase their competitiveness day in and day out. We can help transform your company to get better positioned for the future!

Simplify the way you do business. Grow your business and simplify your processes by including all your employees to digital platform so that you can concentrate on your core business and make money. Miadria has know how to provide benefits of affordable connectivity and mobile devices combined leading office productivity, networking and application solutions so that your IT staff can shift focus from infrastructure to business processes.

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