Miadria InnovationInnovation is at the core of success. Companies that innovate gain an advantage and are able to get to the market faster, get important information quicker and their business benefits only multiply as they introduce more innovations to their business.

Solutions that we help implement and develop include variety of innovative possibilities to enhance your business and help you digitally transform your business.

For a start we would recommend solving the basic office collaboration needs where you can easily have mobile powerful email and calendaring abilities that will help you manage resources. Working on documents is never only a one person job and it is amazing how much you can gain when instead of mailing attachments you can just share a documents with colleagues and partners that need to access them and work on the same version of the document from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Any operating system will do, why should you be restricted to just one?

Video conferencing is easy and simple when it is based in the cloud and it really saves time on travel and can help you build more personal relations with people you never met. Business needs to be done quickly and video conferencing should be there to help.

One of the important questions and concerns that our customers raise is often that they will be even more dependant on internet if they use cloud. While this is not really a huge issue because of the fact that cloud services today are getting more and more offline as they get to their mature phase there might be a higher need for the mobile workers to get decent wi-fi connections. In that area you can use solutions where you can manage your network from the cloud, giving you control and ability to be the one that easily manages the distant locations.

There are so many examples of innovation being brought through services that we offer and we would be delighted to meet with you and discuss your specific needs.  Contact us and find out how we can help you innovate.

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