People access information online through domain names like for example That’s why the DNS or Domain name system is often referred to as the „phonebook of the internet”. In other words, DNS is a mechanism that can map symbolic names to IP addresses. It was developed in the 1980s as a distributed database which enabled you to put a name and assign an IP address to that name. DNS is very important from security, technical and business perspective.

As a very valuable asset to your company and part of your goodwill, your domain names can contribute significantly to your branding and reputation. Your domain name is your Internet Name and Surname, it is who you are online, it is the basis for everything you do on the internet and how you present yourself to the world.

Make sure you’re in control of your online reputation as much as possible. Taking care of your domain is one of the crucial parts of your business and every company should have reliable DNS servers and a function within the company responsible for taking care of domain names. We have seen companies losing their domain name because nobody wasn’t paying attention to domain renewal. Using DNS servers from public cloud providers like Google, Microsoft or AWS is also a good idea because it gives you scalability, reliability and protects your business and reputation.


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