Everybody is talking about digital transformation. It has become an umbrella buzzword for a lot of activities, things, projects and it is a topic that is mentioned a lot in boardrooms everywhere. Companies are investing massively to achieve this enlightened state of digitalization, this profound transformation of everything. This transformation includes activities in many fields – from business processes and organization, competencies needed to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of new digital technologies. Companies enter the project of digital transformation because they want to earn more money, gain some strategic advantage or save money. And this is all very commendable and digital transformation is definitely something you should be thinking about.

However, companies much too often enter the project of digital transformation and focus on the digital without taking into account the importance of the transformation that is necessary in order for digitalization to make any sense.

What is necessary is the true innovation and using the new technologies and new ways of processing your information, new services that can improve the process and benefit in the way that will truly bring you the competitive advantage.

Using digital transformation as the tool to justify using old and outdated technology, using digital transformation as the cover-up for building a new data center is just a waste of money, trying to get to the finish line and running in the opposite direction. The project of digital transformation requires more of the transformation and the transformation can be easily achieved by using a vast array of amazing and innovative services in the public cloud.

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