As we have already announced, in the next few videos, we will be getting more in-depth with artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks.

Artificial intelligence was always a point of interest, even to those people not involved with technology. In our new video, you will learn about three categories of artificial intelligence: Narrow AI, General AI and Superintelligence.

Machine learning is part of Narrow AI where the idea is that you would use some data sets and try to extract algorithms from them in a way that you can solve problems. Optical character recognition is a perfect example of machine learning algorithms. Machine learning is a beginner step of artificial intelligence that can yield some algorithms we can use in our everyday life to solve specific domain problems like, for example, image recognition or even natural language processing.

The public cloud is essential in using these technologies – within the public cloud you have a Platform as a Service solution where you can reuse and improve machine learning results that are already prepared. Public cloud gives you the capacity and prepared solutions which can save you a lot of time and resources. The fact that big public cloud providers offer machine learning services makes it more affordable for companies to use.

Machine learning can help your business improve and grow in various ways – from customer service, security, financial analysis, e-commerce to solving more complex business problems. Services like Google Home or Amazon Alexa are examples of machine learning and public cloud use cases that can provide reliable assistance in our everyday life, especially for the elderly population. 

What is machine learning and how does it relate to AI

This is a field that is continually evolving and surely any business could benefit from discovering new and interesting ways to use the technology. Check out the video for more information.

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