UseWise is a web app that enables companies to make full use of public cloud. Miadria Group is in public cloud brokerage for over 8 years and we noticed that big guys running public cloud are not so keen on working with each other and yet at the same time companies that are considering public cloud have more complexities to handle than ever before. Each of the public cloud vendors are saying that only their services can and must solve all problems and companies learn by time that they are all just touting their own services and not really considering the reality of the problems that corporates are facing.

This is where UseWise comes to the rescue. UseWise has many modules, each of which is fully customizable for your needs and it enables you to combine various public cloud services in all aspects – from purchasing to managing and enhancing them.

UseWise is an umbrella to shield you from complexities and all complications of the cloud. Miadria Group does not care about any of the public cloud vendors, we care only about our customers and aim to give them the best services that they need to excel in their business.

UseWise planning gives you a real-time collaboration for all people involved in the planning process. It supports multiple languages, complex authentication based on individual or group rights. It is fully integrated with SAP so that it allows import and export to and from SAP and other ERP systems. The editing and reporting in UseWise planning have been developed in collaboration with our customers, some of the largest corporations in the world spreading across many countries.

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