Microsoft is taking a look at the way video conferencing began and what the future holds with the recent releases of a new software and new hardware.


Open workplaces are giving rise to millions of small meeting rooms.The so-called “video collaboration” technologies have been developing fast and their use is on the rise. And we’re seeing the emergence of more informal corporate “huddle rooms,” places where teams that sit in open workplaces can go to conduct private meetings. So all is cool.


Specifically, Microsoft sees three trends that will push the development of video conferencing:

  1. A younger workforce will expect high-quality video conferencing service
  2. Video conferencing will be used for more than the traditional virtual meeting
  3. Virtual reality will take video conferencing to the next level

Sometimes, if an interview candidate has to meet with a large team at a company, it is not always possible to meet every team member in the same place at one time. However, the interview candidate can meet with the entire team via video conference.