One of the most popular technologies available today is speech recognition or speech-to-text which enables us to easily convert or transcribe spoken language into written text. Every day we are witnessing how solutions based on speech recognition are bringing much more efficiency into our lives and businesses.

Recently we got an inquiry from a client about using Speech-to-Text on the Google cloud platform and that inspired us to create a short video in which we discuss all the ways how you can utilize this amazing technology, including using Speech-to-Text on-premise.

There are many reasons why companies decide to integrate Google’s Speech-to-Text API into their projects, and maybe you will get some ideas for your solutions after watching our video. We also tried other platforms and we can say that Google’s Speech-to-Text is one of the best solutions, with a number of languages supported, selection of trained models and overall quality.

Speech-to-text on GCP

There is also a playground where you can put Google cloud Speech-to-Text in action and try out how it works. Here is the link to our video and to the speech-to-text demo where you can test the service. 

If you need more details about Google Speech-to-Text API, whether you want to use it on-premise or in the cloud, please reach out to us, we are here for all your questions.