We are putting our efforts to build UseWise™ – a platform that will change the way people interact with the public cloud and help companies move to the cloud easily and seamlessly. On the road to reaching our goal, we are building and publishing applications that will be included in the UseWise™.

We are so happy to announce Sign.UseWise™ – our first UseWise application published on Google Workspace marketplace. Sign.UseWise™ is an email signature management solution that extends the power of Google Workspace.

Email signature management

With Sign.UseWise™ Google Workspace customers can create and deploy email signatures for all their users with just a few clicks. The solution is completely and securely integrated with Google Workspace and all your users, groups, organizational units and domains are in one place. Creating a signature is easy using the intuitive WYSIWYG editor, with a variety of templates to choose from. Create custom signatures for each department within your organization or apply one for the entire domain – the choice is yours.

Email signature marketing

Email signatures are one of the most effective ways for businesses to connect with customers. Make your brand stand out and use Sign.UseWise™ marketing planner to promote your services, products, events or announcements with every email sent. Create customized and targeted email signature banners, add clickable calls to action and use email signatures for various marketing purposes.

Google Workspace management

Sign.UseWise™ is enriched with additional features that give great value to the solution. One of them is already used and loved by so many customers and that is the ability to set Send As addresses for users’ aliases and groups

Till now, setting Send As addresses was a tedious job for both – Google Workspace admin and end-user, but now, with Sign.UseWise™ you can give your users additional email addresses at no cost with just a few clicks. Moreover, you can assign different signature templates for each Send As address that the user owns. 

Domain status check

We have seen many companies having troubles with spam and email spoofing, and not even knowing where their domain is registered or when it has to be renewed. To help them keep track of their domains and improve email safety and deliverability, we decided to integrate domain status check into Sign.UseWise™.

Domain status check gives our customers a preview of all domains – primary, secondary or alias. There is information about domain registrar, domain expiration notifications and important information about the authentication methods implemented (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI).

How to get started with Sign.UseWise™

You can try out Sign.UseWise for free and install it from the Google Workspace marketplace using the following link. The application is to be installed and used by Google Workspace super admin, but there is an option to grant rights to certain users from your organization to help you manage the app. Although the users of Sign.UseWise™ application are mainly Google Workspace administrators, people working in sales and marketing can also leverage this solution to promote business and brand with every email sent.

More information about Sign.UseWise™ can be found on the usewise.app website. If you need help with getting started with Sign.UseWise™ you can look into our Help center and UseWise Youtube channel where we issue videos every Monday with detailed information on how to use Sign.UseWise™.