Google adds 2016 Summer Olympics features across Search, YouTube, and Maps


Well folks, next week marks the kickoff for the 2016 summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

With just five days until the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Google’s ramping up its preparations for the games by announcing that you’ll be able to keep in touch with all the results and stream highlight snippets directly in search results.

Google will also be offering TV schedules for events in over 30 countries around the world. To make watching the games easier, fans of the games will be able to watch the event highlights from broadcasters on YouTube in more than 60 countries. Google Maps is also getting a new feature that will allow fans to explore Rio and Olympic venues in Google Maps.

Anyone unable to attend the games can make a virtual visit via Google Maps. And if you’re searching Google from a mobile, you’ll also get an option to receive alerts about medal and event news as it happens.

Along with these, Google launched its Street View mapping service in a slum for the first time, covering a favela in Rio de Janeiro days before it hosts the Olympics. If you are planning to visit in person, you might want to check another app to stay safe.

Bringing Street View to Rio’s favelas is the latest in digital cartography for a large segment of the population whose visibility has been limited. Tourists are often fascinated with favelas, some of which climb hillsides along vertiginous roads, and have provided the settings for violent films such as “City of God.” Google also launched aninteractive site that shares stories of some favela residents and includes a fast-paced, 360-degree video of a motorcycle ride up Sao Carlos.


YouTube will have official broadcaster channels bringing content before, during, and after the games are over. Now, go on and find the Olympic action on Google Search!

Tip: When you search via the Android or iOS Google app you can sign up for automatic alerts for medal wins and top events.