One of the questions we often get from companies that have lots of infrastructure on-premise is what to do with existing software licenses when moving to the cloud. We address that specific question in the recent Q&A video in which we give some quick pointers on how to approach this complex topic. 

Additionally, we made a follow-up Q&A video where we discuss which platform is better when moving older Microsoft licenses to the cloud – AWS or Azure.

Public cloud can improve almost every aspect of an organization’s products, services, and processes. There are many things to consider when moving your business to the public cloud and we hope to make this decision as easy as possible by giving the answers to questions that interest you the most. 

These videos give you a short overview of specific topics and we always encourage our viewers to reach out to us if they need to know more. Explore our full Q&A playlist to find other answers to questions asked by our viewers. 

What is your major concern when it comes to moving to the cloud? Leave your comments below, contact us or even book your office hours with us on Fridays – we would be more than happy to help.