Two of the top requests from our Office Lens users are support for Office 365 accounts, at work and school, and enhanced business card scanning and storage. Today we’re excited to deliver both of these features, making their pocket scanner app even more useful for business professionals, teachers and students.

  • All Office Lens users for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone can now use Business Card mode to quickly convert business card information into digital contacts in mobile address books.
  • Office Lens for iPhone users can now share enhanced documents more securely using Office 365 work and school accounts.
Office Lens now includes Office 365 support for iOS 1 - 1

Office Lens for iPhone enables users to protect their data in OneDrive for Business, ensuring the same high level of security and compliance provided for all enterprise data in Office 365.

Office Lens for iPhone now includes Office 365 support

Since launching Office Lens for iPhone in April and the Android version in May, Microsoft has been hard at work to exceed your expectations, especially since you’ve given their free scanner app a 4.7 out of 5 rating and positive reviews, including:

“Never (have) come across a better scan application in years of application use.”

“Exceeded my expectations! Super useful and functional pocket scanner with images of excellent quality and sharpness …” 

“The best app of the year; super useful for classes.”

Learn more about Office Lens on the iPhone in the following video:

Today’s release of version 1.2 for iPhone builds upon the positive response to Office Lens, which turns your smartphone into a scanner by cropping, straightening and enhancing photos of whiteboards and documents. In addition to saving Office Lens-enhanced scans to your personal OneNote or OneDrive account, you can now sign in with your Office 365 work or school account and save documents to OneNote, Word and PowerPoint or as an image or PDF file on OneDrive for Business. You can then easily share your documents with colleagues or students in the secure and reliable Office 365 environment.

IT pros and admins will appreciate that Office Lens for iPhone enables users to protect their data in OneDrive for Business, ensuring the same high level of security and compliance provided for all enterprise data in Office 365.

Office Lens in Office 365 scenarios for business professionals include:

  • Save and share whiteboard meeting notes.
  • Scan receipts and simplify expense reports.
  • Circulate contracts or documents requiring signatures and store for easy retrieval by multiple coworkers from any device.
  • Scan and save business cards of customers or prospects that everyone can access.
  • Use Business Card mode to convert card information into contacts in your tablet or phone address book.

For K–12 and university teachers, Office Lens for Office 365 Education can be used to:

  • Grade and annotate paper reports and share them with individual students or the entire class.
  • Share lesson plans, lecture or meeting notes and other documents in a central faculty site.
  • Capture classroom brainstorm sessions from a whiteboard or chalkboard into OneNote and then search by keyword with the Office Lens optical character recognition (OCR) so that you can edit or copy text into other documents or email.

Students benefit from Office Lens by being able to:

  • Take pictures of presentations or whiteboards, eliminating the need to take notes during lectures.
  • Capture and share class projects, lab experiments, math equations and physical documents and securely store them as digital content in one place for easy retrieval.

You’ll find more Office Lens user examples at our page.

Office Lens Business Card mode

When using Business Card mode in Office Lens, converting business cards into digital contacts has never been easier. This feature, now available on all three phone platforms, lets you save a scanned business card as a virtual contact file (VCF) directly to your tablet or phone contacts. You can also extract business card content into the “Contacts” section of OneNote for easy storage and sharing. Currently, Business Card mode works best with English, German and Spanish business cards, with more languages coming soon.

Office Lens now includes Office 365 support for iOS 2 - 1

Office Lens users on all phone platforms now have Business Card mode, which allows business card information to be added directly as digital contacts to mobile address books or the “Contacts” section of OneNote.

OneNote Clipper adds Office 365 support

In addition to our Office Lens updates, we’re excited to announce that you can now use the OneNote Clipper with school or work Office 365 accounts. The OneNote Clipper lets you quickly capture any webpage to OneNote, where you can easily edit, annotate or share it. You can save the full page or a selection of the webpage to OneNote as an image, or you can clean up the webpage and send only the relevant text and images to your notebook. Download the OneNote Clipper for free at and try it out!

Download the new versions of Office Lens for iPhone or Office Lens for Android today and please continue providing feedback for Office Lens at UserVoice and for OneNote Clipper here or in the comments section below. Microsoft welcomes your input!