Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.
—Paul J. Meyer, entrepreneur and founder of Success Motivation International

It’s no secret that Office 365 is one of the fastest growing businesses in Microsoft’s long history of providing innovative technology products and services that change lives and help organizations succeed. And when Microsoft announced itsfirst-quarter earnings last week, the numbers clearly showed that people everywhere are choosing Office 365 to enhance their personal and professional productivity.

Office 365 revenue grew nearly 70 percent in constant currency (a calculation that reconciles the inconsistencies that sometimes occur when converting other currencies to U.S. dollars) compared to the same quarter last year. In addition, the number of consumers who subscribe to Office 365 increased to 18.2 million, with 3 million of those people signing up during the first quarter alone.

One reason Office 365 is so popular is that both business users and consumers always have the latest version of Office, so they can immediately take advantage of improvements such as the new History feature in Office 2016 for Windows. History lets users collaborate with confidence, providing an easier way for them to find and restore previous versions of their documents, and review the changes that they and their team have made over time.

Businesses and other organizations worldwide are using Office 365 to improve communication and collaboration, increase efficiency and boost productivity. For Korn Ferry, a global leadership recruitment and organizational advisory firm with many clients that operate in regulated industries, Office 365 is an ideal way for the company to support global teamwork without sacrificing security and data privacy. Office 365 is also enabling McClone Construction, with offices in five states, to become a more integrated, agile and collaborative company that can share information in real time, from any location. And SunGard, which works closely with numerous financial services companies, is using Office 365 to transform its sales and marketing strategy without compromising security.

At Microsoft, they understand that the growth of Office 365 is a direct result of how well it meets the needs of our customers, and Microsoft is committed to making Office 365 the world’s best cloud-based productivity service.

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