Do you use Google Drive? It’s an excellent free way to share and edit files with your friends or co-workers. Google announced several updates to its online file storage service. The new features aim to make the Drive more useful for the company’s business and enterprise users.

Team drives, quick access, and taking up less space on your computer

Maybe the most interesting news here is the launch of Drive File Stream. The Drive File Stream offering will — as the name implies — show placeholder files on a user’s desktop, then download them only when a user needs to look at them.

To better support the enterprise, though, Google is mostly focusing on making Drive a better service for teams. Team Drives is a feature that lets administrators create shared folders for groups inside their organizations. Vault for Drive lets companies manage data retention and legal hold policies for content stored in the service.

Another feature that the average user will surely use is “Quick Access.” Previously available only to Android users, it is now expanding to iOS gadgets as well. Quick Access is powered by Google’s machine intelligence, the same technology used in Gmail’s Smart Reply and Google Sheets Explore, which means that teams can save time and make smarter decisions because the right knowledge will surface to the right employees at the right time. Quick Access intelligently predicts and surfaces files based on:

  • Who specific files are frequently shared with
  • When relevant meetings occur
  • What files are used at specific times during the day
  • And many others

Furthermore, there’s a world og even more useful features you may not know about.