New Contacts interface and business-specific features for Google Apps
This release of Contacts brings all of the improvements that were previously available to consumer users.

The following business-specific features have also been added to help you and your colleagues get in touch with contacts more easily. You can now:
– Add new contact information that will default to “Work” instead of “Home” field types.
– View domain directory contact details interwoven inline with any contact details you’ve added yourself.
– Add contacts from the domain directory to your “My Contacts” list in a single click.
– Manage groups more easily by quickly adding email addresses to groups, and picking from a contact’s multiple email addresses to use on a group-by-group basis.
– Revert changes to your Contacts for up to 30 days in case you need to restore deleted or merged contacts, or undo an import.

Note: These improvements do not affect the standalone version of Contacts outside of Gmail but we hope to make them available soon.

Editions included:
Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Government and Education

Languages included:
Administrator Control Panel: US English Only (Next Generation)
Gmail: All languages supported by Gmail

How to access what’s new:
– To see the new Contacts interface, admins must opt-in in the administrator control panel to enable the new Contacts features.
– In the administrator control panel, go to ‘Services’, then ‘Contacts’ and select the checkbox ‘Preview the new contact manager in Gmail’.

Note: In order to see the opt-in checkbox, the control panel must be set to the ‘next generation’ version which is US English only