Google launched the new Google Calendar app for Android last year, helping to save you time and make the most of every day. In February, Google launched an updated version containing several additional features based on user feedback, and today we’re doing the same.

Month view has been added (back) to the latest version of the Google Calendar app for phones, coming to Google Play over the next few days.

Month view provides a high level view of all scheduled events for a full month, allowing people to then tap on a specific day for a closer look. Access to all available views (Schedule, Day, 3 Day, Week, Month) has also been moved from the overflow menu into the navigation drawer.

In addition, you can now see the color of events when jumping to a particular date from the drop down in the header when in Schedule, Day, 3 Day or Week view.

We’re working on bringing many improvements to the new iPhone app as well.

Release track:
Rapid release and Scheduled release (gradual rollout)

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