Get ready for your calendars, email habits and to-do lists to be analyzed. Microsoft announced the general availability of Microsoft Workplace Analytics, a new organizational analytics solution that will provide rich, actionable insights into organization’s communication and collaboration trends to help make more effective business decisions. The new program, Microsoft Workplace Analytics, is now generally available to purchase as an add-on for Office 365 enterprise plans.

Microsoft has long held that the Microsoft Graph — the data it collects as a byproduct of people simply using their online tools — provides a wealth of information that companies can use to understand their workers better. 

The company recently commissioned a study by research company Forrester that found many executives see increasing employee productivity as a top priority of organizations in the next year. Workplace Analytics makes use of Office 365 email and calendar metadata, including to/from data, subject lines and timestamps to create set of behavioral metrics that can be used by the managers to know what’s going on in an organization.

Being able to collect and manage the data that shows how people are managing their time can help organizations diagnose what time-wasting behaviors they may be perpetuating. And it can help good managers and their employees talk about what specific work habits and practices are highly individual and which ones are universal.